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We ship in discreet packaging via USPS Priority Mail. Our average order Delivery time is three business days.

Our Designer Flavors

Try Wyatt's Milk a smooth full creamy milk flavor and our NEW Lucy's Loops that is everything a cereal flavor should be in our opinion. Both flavors have gone through an extensive testing phase to get them to market. Depending on the response will determine how long we manufacture them, so bye and try, you won't be disappointed. Mike - Flavor Specialist No Flame Required!


Due to the vape industry being classed as tobacco, the tax rate has increase by roughly 25%. We could have hidden this in the list price but chose to show it for what it is. CRIMINAL!


e-Juice Candies
6 Pack ejuice Sampler
Product ID : 6pkeJS
Try out 6 of our flavor in this great value 6 x 7ml ejuice / eliquid flavors...
Bubble Gum Juicy ejuice
Product ID : Juice Bubble Gum ejuice
Refreshing vape that makes you want to chew.
Butter Scotch ejuice
Product ID : Butter Scotch ejuice
Butter Scotch ejuice, a sweet taste of times past.
Ginger Bread Cookie ejuice
Product ID : Ginger Bread Cookie ejuice
Ginger Bread Cookie ejuice, Hmmm let the cookie munching begin.
Gummy Bear ejuice
Product ID : Gummy Bear ejuice
Gummy Bear 10ml + 30ml Bottle
Kiwi ejuice
Product ID : Kiwi ejuice
Kiwi ejuice, a taste of paradise.
Mango ejuice
Product ID : Mango ejuice
Mango ejuice, fresh fruity taste with some zing.
Mint Candy ejuice
Product ID : Mint Candy ejuice
Mint Candy ejuice, not just a great tastes for the holidays.
Orange Cream ejuice
Product ID : Orange Cream ejuice
Orange Cream ejuice, sweet and tangy with a touch of smooth.
Peanut Butter ejuice
Product ID : Peanut Butter ejuice
Peanut Butter ejuice, smooth with no CRUNCH!
Strawberry ejuice
Product ID : Strawberry ejuice
Strawberry ejuice, Ripe strawberry, hits the spot.
Tutti Frutti ejuice
Product ID : Tutti Frutti ejuice
Tutti Frutti ejuice, refreshingly fruity.
Vanilla ejuice
Product ID : Vanilla ejuice
Vanilla ejuice, Straight and fresh. A nice easy vape.
Bubble Gum ejuice
Product ID : Bubble Gum ejuice
A sweet fruity bubblegum that lasts all day.
Cotton Candy ejuice
Product ID : Cotton Candy ejuice
No need to line up to get into the fair, taste the sweet cotton all day long.