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100mg Nicotine Base

100mg Nicotine Base
Price: $10.45
Product ID : 100mg Nicotine Base


Bottle Size
Dispensing Cap 100ml + 200ml Only
  • Buy 4 - 10 and get an additional 20 % off


This Nicotine base is 100mg. IT NEEDS TO BE DILUTED! e.g. (1ml of this nicotine base) + (8ml of pg/pg) + (1ml of Flavor) = 10ml of ejuice 10mg strength. Use care when handling this product. Wear rubber gloves and use in a ventilated room.

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Product Reviews

Reviewed by comicbookman
05/10/2014 - 05:07:33 AM

Amazing Product!

I have ordered Vapeplay.com's 100mg Nicotine Base NUMEROUS times. It is HIGH quality and is a GREAT base.

On top of that, the shipping is INSANELY fast! From the West Coast to Arkansas, I always get my products within 2 days.

I HIGHLY recommend buying this base!

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