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Drink Flavors

e-Juice Drink Flavors
Tutti Frutti ejuice
Tutti Frutti ejuice, refreshingly fruity.
Strawberry ejuice
Strawberry ejuice, Ripe strawberry, hits the spot.
Root Beer ejuice
Root Beer ejuice, an acquired taste for sum.
Pina Colada ejuice
Pina Colada ejuice, a taste of vacation.
Orange Cream ejuice
Orange Cream ejuice, sweet and tangy with a touch of smooth.
Mint Candy ejuice
Mint Candy ejuice, not just a great tastes for the holidays.
Mango ejuice
Mango ejuice, fresh fruity taste with some zing.
Hawaiian Punch ejuice
Hawaiian Punch ejuice, sweet and tangy.
Cherry Cola ejuice
Cherry Cola ejuice, a taste of heaven.
Menthol ejuice
If you like menthol cigarettes and don't like the tobacco taste, this flavor...
Watermelon ejuice
The sweet watery deviousness of pure water melon.
Mount Dewey ejuice
Mountain Dew Fresh from the can.
Reddbulls ejuice
Fast and refreshing leap from space.
Bubble Gum Juicy ejuice
Refreshing vape that makes you want to chew.