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Drink Flavors

e-Juice Drink Flavors
Bubble Gum Juicy ejuice
Product ID : Juice Bubble Gum ejuice
Refreshing vape that makes you want to chew.
Cherry Cola ejuice
Product ID : Cherry Cola ejuice
Cherry Cola ejuice, a taste of heaven.
Hawaiian Punch ejuice
Product ID : Hawaiian Punch ejuice
Hawaiian Punch ejuice, sweet and tangy.
Mango ejuice
Product ID : Mango ejuice
Mango ejuice, fresh fruity taste with some zing.
Mint Candy ejuice
Product ID : Mint Candy ejuice
Mint Candy ejuice, not just a great tastes for the holidays.
Mount Dewey ejuice
Product ID : Mount Dewey ejuice
Mountain Dew Fresh from the can.
Orange Cream ejuice
Product ID : Orange Cream ejuice
Orange Cream ejuice, sweet and tangy with a touch of smooth.
Pina Colada ejuice
Product ID : Pina Colada ejuice
Pina Colada ejuice, a taste of vacation.
Reddbulls ejuice
Product ID : Reddbulls ejuice
Fast and refreshing leap from space.
Root Beer ejuice
Product ID : Root Beer ejuice
Root Beer ejuice, an acquired taste for sum.
Strawberry ejuice
Product ID : Strawberry ejuice
Strawberry ejuice, Ripe strawberry, hits the spot.
Tutti Frutti ejuice
Product ID : Tutti Frutti ejuice
Tutti Frutti ejuice, refreshingly fruity.
Watermelon ejuice
Product ID : Watermelon ejuice
The sweet watery deviousness of pure water melon.
Menthol ejuice
Product ID : Menthol ejuice
If you like menthol cigarettes and don't like the tobacco taste, this flavor...